Feeling Good

feelgoodI’ve learned that anything we choose has an intention of feeling good. Eating, sleeping, working, over-working , being lazy, playing games, voting…

Even the unhealthy habits and destructive choices we make have positive intention. Taking drugs, over-eating, complaining, shaming, lying…

Knowing and living this brings me immediate peace. What about you?



Judgments Are Clues to Self

signalIt’s easy to think how another person should be.

But really, if I believe someone else should be anything different, that’s my inner being whispering to me. If I’m not the change I wish to see, then I will continue to experience the contrast of what IS vs what COULD be. And I’ll wait and wait and wait…

All this time, I thought others should be happy. Hee hee. that’s funny.

That thought just made me disgruntled because I was waiting for them to be what I wanted to be. This is how SeattleHappy.com came to be.

I Produce All Moments

being in presentIt was so empowering when I realized I produced this very moment from all prior moments. This is an ultimate lesson.

When I finally allowed that to be, I could relax into the present.

I could relax into any feeling, any thought, and any result. I could also have the confidence of creating the next moment, in any way I chose.

Telling Others What To Do

tellingwhattodoWe’ve been taught to listen to others who know more. When I stopped listening to everyone else and started listening to my feelings, I finally tapped into my own inner guidance.

When I learned to trust myself, I could give the same trust to my children, family and colleagues. They know what they want and all I want to do is help them create who they are.

Giving trust is love.

Talking Equals Learning

talking is learning

For those who are teaching, parenting or managing…when we ask questions, we create opportunities for learning. We won’t know if anyone is learning until we start asking, listening and observing. You can only trust in this process when you trust in their ability to learn.

So I’ll stop writing now. It’s your turn.

What questions can you start asking? Do they elicit answers that lead to desired behaviors? What behaviors will show up when they actually apply what they have learned?