Jessie Upp, Learning Technologist, has developed training and development solutions over the past 20 years. Jessie holds a Masters in Leadership with a focus on learning from The Center of Creative Change at Antioch University, as well as a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Educational Technology.

Since 1998, Jessie has designed, developed and delivered a multitude of learning products, courses and spaces for leaders in schools, corporations and small businesses. Examples follow:

  • Learning and leadership design
  • Sales training at The Seattle Times
  • Organizational development instruction at University of Phoenix’s Graduate School of Business
  • Graphics and multimedia design education for K-12 schools
  • Life skills facilitation for K-12 schools
  • Software training for multiple corporations and schools
  • Sustainability speaking for the event industry
  • Non-verbal communications training for attorney CLE’s
  • Conflict prevention training for mental health practitioner CEU’s

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